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The executors of Mrs. Johnston's estate donated this collection to the Denver Public Library in 1978.


This collection is open for research. Some audiotapes are restricted until the year 2030 (AV box 3).


Literary rights and copyrights have been assigned to the Denver Public Library.


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[Identification of item] Velma Johnston (Wild Horse Annie) Papers, CONS80, Conservation Collection, Denver Public Library.


Number of Boxes: 10 boxes; 3 AV boxes; 1 vault envelope; 1 OV photo box




Janis Falkenberg



Robert Russell

May 2002


Claudia Jensen

December 2004


Ellen Zazzarino


Velma Johnston, also known as Annie Bronn Johnston, Mrs. Charles C. Johnston, and Wild Horse Annie, devoted a large portion of her adult life to the protection of wild horses and burros of the American West. She served as advocate for these previously neglected animals and worked for the passage of legislation to protect them.

After seeing the roundup of wild horses, and the treatment of these animals on the ranges in the 1950s, Velma Johnston devoted herself to allowing these animals to live in the wild without the threat of being rounded up by pet food producers.

Johnston was founder and president of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, which later became Wild Horse Organized Assistance. Through these groups and her personal efforts, Johnston raised public awareness for the protection of wild horses and burros.

Politics were also part of Johnston's strategy. She participated in lobbying efforts that led to the State of Nevada legislation, which outlawed mechanized pursuit of wild horses. She was also part of the campaign that led to the 1959 and 1971 federal ban on mechanized pursuit. The 1959 law was given the unofficial title of "The Wild Horse Annie Law" to reflect her efforts on its behalf.

Velma Johnston continued to work from her Reno, Nevada home until her death on June 27, 1977.


The Velma Johnston (Wild Horse Annie) Papers contain items from the years 1955-1977. Included in this collection is correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, and legal documents. Audiotapes of Wild Horse Advisory Board meetings and motion picture films of events relating to the protection of wild horses form a part of this collection.

The items in this collection provide in-depth information not only about efforts to protect wild horses and burros, but also about Mrs. Velma Johnston. Her correspondence, scrapbooks, and notes provide a glimpse into her thoughts during the height of her interest and influence. Johnston's clipping files and scrapbooks also provide information on those who opposed her views, including some of their justification for elimination of wild horses.

This collection was originally processed in 1981. An extensive finding aid was produced at that time. This collection was selectively indexed for names of persons and organizations.


Alan J. Kania Papers


This series is comprised of carbon copies of Velma Johnston's outgoing letters. These items are arranged chronologically and indexed by addressee. Included in this series are several letters written for Velma Johnston and signed by Helen Reilly. Wild horse protection efforts, proposed legislation, the use of helicopters in roundups, and other land management issues are mentioned in the correspondence.


This portion of the collection is divided into two sub series. Letters neither to nor from Johnston comprise the first sub- series. These items are arranged chronologically and indexed by author and addressee. This sub-series is comprised mainly of letters to public officials. The second sub-series is made up of letters sent from governors and members of Congress to citizens who had expressed interest in wild horse protection. These items are arranged alphabetically by author and indexed by author.


Letters to Johnston make up this series. The letters are arranged alphabetically by author and indexed by the same. Letters from members of seven organizations have been grouped under the organization name. These organizations are: the American Humane Association, Bureau of Land Management, Humane Society of the U.S., National Geographic, National Mustang Association, National Wild Horse Association, and Reader's Digest.


This portion of the collection consists of meeting records from various horse and burro preservation groups, mostly the Wild Horse Organized Assistance. These records are arranged chronologically. Sound recordings of meetings are in series 14.

SERIES 5 NOTES 1955-1976 BOX 3

This series consists of hand and typewritten notes taken by Johnston from phone conversations, meetings, and general research. These notes are arranged chronologically. Some of these notes are in shorthand and not all are transcribed.


Typewritten and mimeographed manuscripts, reports, addresses, petitions, and reminiscences make up this series. Velma Johnston compiled most of these items, which include hand written notes and copies of notes. They are arranged chronologically and selectively indexed.


This series is made up of pamphlets, brochures, circulars, programs, fliers, and newsletters. These items are arranged chronologically and selectively indexed.


This series consists of a small number of receipts and vouchers used by Velma Johnston. These items are arranged chronologically.


This series is comprised of newspaper clippings and photocopies of articles from newspapers and magazines. These items were collected by Velma Johnston, and relate to wild horse protection. Some topics addressed in the clippings include: pending legislation, management and adoption of wild horses, illegal roundups, and opposition from ranchers. These clippings and copies are arranged chronologically.


Depositions from the Howe, Idaho roundup investigation and the articles of incorporation of Wild Horse Organized Assistance and International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros make up this series. These items are arranged chronologically.


Bureau of Land Management publications, copies of legislation, items from the Congressional Record, and an account of Johnston's testimony before Congress form this series. These items are arranged chronologically.

SERIES 12 MAPS 1966-1972 BOX 6

This series is comprised of maps of the Pryor Mountain Recreation Area, Montana, Malheur National Forest, and other locations in Nevada and Idaho. These maps are arranged by geographic location.

SERIES 13 SCRAPBOOKS 1952-1975 BOX 7-10

Seventeen scrapbooks compiled by Velma Johnston comprise this series. These scrapbooks contain letters, photographs, cards, drawings, clippings, and assorted memorabilia. These items are arranged in two numbered series, generally chronologically, with occasional overlaping dates.


Velma Johnston compiled many images of wild horses and burros, their range land, roundup and mistreatment. These films are in video, 8mm, and 16 mm format. Audiotapes are of Advisory Board meetings.

The remaining tapes and transcripts of personal phone calls are restricted until the year 2030.


Photographs of wild horses, burros, roundups and Velma Johnston comprise this series.

  • Johnston, Annie Bronn -- Archives.
  • Wild Horse Organized Assistance.
  • International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros.
  • Animal rights activists -- West (U.S.)
  • Wild horses -- West (U.S.)
  • Wild burros -- West (U.S.)
  • Horses -- Law and legislation.
  • Animal welfare -- West (U.S.)
  • Animal rights -- West (U.S.)
  • Scrapbooks.



This index was created in 1981 and does not use authority control for personal or corporate names. Reference is to the current box and file folder numbers.

  • Abourezk, James (Senator)

    Box 1:FF41,42; Box 2:FF1

  • American Horse Protection Association

    Box 1:FF14,47,48; Box 2:FF4,45 (see Blue, Joan; Twyne, Pearl); Box 4:FF9,30; Box 5:FF4,5

  • American Humane Association

    Box 1:FF23; Box 2:FF1

  • Amory, Cleveland

    Box 1:FF20

  • Animal Care and Welfare, Inc. - S.P.C.A.

    Box 1:FF35; Box 2:FF4

  • Animal Protection Institute of America

    Box 1:FF14,19,37,47; Box 2:FF35,47; Box 6:FF23; Box 7: Scrapbook 7,8

  • Animal Welfare Institute

    Box 2:FF44 (see Stevens, Christine)

  • Animal Welfare Society, Inc.

    Box 2:FF39 (see Parks, Charlotte)

  • Apodaca, Jerry

    Box 1:FF53; Box 2:FF43 (see Smith, Deborah)

  • Aspinall, Wayne

    Box 1:FF53

  • Augustine, Lynn

    Box 1:FF8-18,21,22,24; Box 2:FF1

  • Avant, Emory S.

    Box 1:FF4,5; Box 2:FF1

  • Baring, Walter S.

    Box 1:FF1-6,13,16,17,22,25,29,46,47; Box 2:FF2

  • Baumgardner, Pearl

    Box 1:FF26,29,30,48; Box 2:FF3

  • Belding, David

    Box 2:FF5 (see Breen, Young)

  • Bible, Alan

    Box 1:FF2,5,41,42,53; Box 2:FF3

  • Blake, Amanda

    Box 1:FF37,38; Box 2:FF4

  • Blue, Joan

    Box 1:FF13,14,17,18,20-22,26,38; Box 2:FF4

  • Breen, Young, Whitehead and Roy (including David Belding)

    Box 1:FF22,25,26,38-45,47-49,51,52; Box 2:FF5

  • Brislawn, Bob

    Box 1:FF14; Box 2:FF5; Box 4:FF29

  • Bromund, Cal

    Box 1:FF1; Box 2:FF5

  • Brown, Edmund G, Jr. (Governor)

    Box 1:FF48,52

  • Bureau of Land Management

    Box 1:FF7,8,10-52; Box 2:FF6-15; Box 2:FF45 (see Tillett, Lloyd); Box 4:FF2,4,5,10,11,13,17,19,21,23-25,31,34,36,37; Box 5:FF2,9; Box 6:FF13,14,20,25,26; Box 8: Scrapbook 3,5; Box 9: Scrapbook 5

  • Burrud Productions

    Box 1:FF20,21; Box 2:FF3

  • Burton, Phillip

    Box 1:FF45

  • Bush, Prescott (Senator)

    Box 1:FF5

  • Byrne, James A.

    Box 1:FF53

  • Canadian and American Wolf Defenders

    Box 2:FF18

  • Canadian Wild Horse Society

    Box 1:FF40; Box 2:FF3

  • Cannon, Howard (Senator)

    Box 1:FF3,5,6,26,47,48; Box 2:FF16

  • Caras, Roger

    Box 2:FF16

  • Case, Clifford (Senator)

    Box 1:FF46,53

  • Castro, Raul (Governor)

    Box 1:FF52,53

  • Caudle, Howard

    Box 1:FF7,13,16-26,46,47,50,52; Box 2:FF17

  • Celler, Emanual

    Box 1:FF46,47,53

  • Chamberlain, Charles E.

    Box 1:FF53

  • Church, Frank (Senator)

    Box 1:FF38; Box 2:FF18

  • Church, Marguerite Stitt

    Box 1:FF4,53; Box 2:FF18

  • Clark, Joseph S. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF53

  • Cleary, Rex

    Box 1:FF27-31,36-38

  • Clutts, Walter

    1:FF22-24,29; Box 2:FF18; Box 7: Scrapbook 3 (see also: National Mustang, Association) (see also: National Wild Horse Association)

  • Coad, Merwin

    Box 1:FF5; Box 2:FF18

  • Colorado Humane Society

    Box 1:FF21; Box 2:FF22

  • Committee for Constructive Laboratory Animal Legislation

    Box 2:FF39 (see Parks, Charlotte)

  • Consul Sven Soderbergs Grosshandels firms

    Box 1:FF6; Box 2:FF18

  • Cook, C. Wayne

    Box 1:FF15-20,23,25-32,35,37,40,46,50-52; Box 2:FF19-21

  • Cooper, John Sherman (Senator)

    Box 1:FF5; Box 2:FF21

  • Cranston, Alan (Senator)

    Box 1:FF52

  • Curtis, Thomas B.

    Box 1:FF53

  • Curtiss-Wright Corporation

    Box 1:FF19; Box 2:FF31 (see Knell, H.J.)

  • D'Amours, Norman E.

    Box 1:FF53

  • Defenders of Wildlife

    Box 1:FF11,12; Box 2:FF27; Box 7: Scrapbook 4,7,8

  • Denver Audubon Society

    Box 1:FF30; Box 2:FF49

  • Desert Magazine

    Box 1:FF2-6,46; Box 2:FF22; Box 7: Scrapbook 1,2

  • Douglas, Paul H. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF5; Box 2:FF22

  • Drumm, Burnett C., (Mrs.)

    Box 1:FF7; Box 1:FF13; Box 2:FF22

  • Edmiston, Beula

    Box 1:FF31,33-35,37,40,51; Box 2:FF23

  • Eisenhower, D.D.

    Box 1:FF6

  • Engle, Clair (Senator)

    Box 1:FF53; Box 2:FF23

  • Evans, Daniel J. (Governor)

    Box 1:FF53; Box 2:FF23

  • Fannin, Paul (Senator)

    Box 1:FF46; Box 2:FF49 (see Woodard, John)

  • Fitzgerald, Ed and Pegeen

    Box 1:FF12,13,19,20; Box 2:FF24

  • Flanders, Ralph E.

    Box 1:FF54

  • Ford, Gerald

    1:FF52; Box 2:FF24

  • Ford, Henry II

    Box 1:FF13,14; Box 2:FF24

  • Forest Service

    Box 1:FF1,30,33,35,38,45,49; Box 2:FF23 (see Evans, W.L.); Box 2:FF27,33,47,48; Box 4:FF20,21,27,28

  • Gladding, Edward

    Box 1:FF1-5,7; Box 2:FF25

  • Green, William J.

    Box 1:FF54

  • Gregerson, Kent

    Box 1:FF11,19,22, 46; Box 2:FF26 (see also: National Mustang Association)

  • Griffiths, Martha

    Box 2:FF31 (see Kirchner, M.)

  • Gude, Gilbert

    Box 1:FF31,38,41,42,48

  • Haley, James A.

    Box 1:FF54

  • Hall, Ron

    Box 1:FF29-31; Box 2:FF27

  • Hansen, Clifford (Senator)

    Box 1:FF13,14,17; Box 2:FF27

  • Harrison, Louise

    Box 1:FF40; Box 2:FF27

  • Harrison, William Henry

    Box 1:FF13; Box 2:FF27

  • Hart, Philip A. (Senator)

    Box 2:FF28 (see Hubbard, Nina); Box 2:FF31 (see Kirchner, Mabel)

  • Hatfield Mark (Senator)

    Box 1:FF41,51; Box 2:FF27

  • Hathaway, Stan (Governor)

    Box 1:FF34,54; Box 2:FF27

  • Heinz, H. John

    Box 1:FF54

  • Henry, Marguerite

    Box 1:FF7,11,28; Box 2:FF27

  • Hosmer, Craig

    Box 1:FF54

  • Howe, Idaho Roundup

    Box 3:FF2-4; Box 4:FF25,30,33,34; Box 6:FF21,22; Box 9: Scrapbook 7; Box 10: Scrapbook 8, 9

  • Huhne, Louise

    Box 1:FF1,3,4,6; Box 2:FF28; Box 7: Scrapbook 1

  • Humane Society of the U.S.

    Box 1:FF7,11-14,24,25,31,33-35,37,38,46,50; Box 2:FF28,35; Box 4:FF23; Box 5:FF1,4; Box 6:FF14

  • Interior, Department of the

    Box 1:FF10,12,14,44,46-52; Box 2:FF3,24,35; Box 2:FF46 (see Vaughan, Robert); Box 2:FF48 (see Whitaker, John)

  • International Society for the Protection of Animals

    Box 1:FF16,46; Box 2:FF31 (see Kline, C.A.); Box 2:FF47

  • Isham, Donald

    Box 1:FF31; Box 2:FF29

  • Jackson, Henry (Senator)

    Box 1:FF28,35,38,41,45,50; Box 2:FF29; Box 2:FF44 (see Sweeney, Craig)

  • Javits, Jacob K. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF54

  • Johnson, Harold T.

    Box 1:FF54

  • Judge, Thomas L. (Governor)

    Box 1:FF54; Box 2:FF29

  • Justice, Department of

    Box 1:FF7,18,38,46,51; Box 2:FF24 (see Faber, William); Box 2:FF31,41,47

  • Kania, Alan J.

    Box 1:FF50; Box 2:FF30

  • Kean, Robert W.

    Box 1:FF54

  • Keating, Kenneth B. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF54

  • Kuchel, Thomas H. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF54; Box 2:FF31

  • Kyros, Peter N.

    Box 2:FF39 (see Parks, Charlotte)

  • Lane, Thomas J.

    Box 1:FF5; Box 2:FF32

  • Lausche, Frank J. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF54; Box 2:FF43 (See Snyder, George F.)

  • Lea, George

    Box 1:FF16,19-23,25,26,31,34-37,41,43

  • Loeb, William

    Box 1:FF29,35,54; Box 2:FF32

  • Loser, J. Carlton

    Box 1:FF5; Box 2:FF32

  • Love, John A. (Governor)

    Box 1:FF54; Box 2:FF35 (see Musa, Miriam)

  • Lovell, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce

    Box 1:FF9-15,17,21,25,27,28,45-47; Box 2:FF28 (see Hill, Phyllis); Box 2:FF42 (see Schwieger, Floyd); Box 2:FF47 (see Wagner, C.E.)

  • Lowery, Thurm

    Box 3:Folio 6

  • Lynn, Judy

    Box 1:FF22,32; Box 2:FF32

  • Malone, George (Senator)

    Box 1:FF2,3; Box 2:FF33

  • Mansfield, Mike (Senator)

    Box 1:FF5,6,10,11,14,17,18,46; Box 2:FF34

  • Maraziti, Joseph

  • Martin, Edward (Senator)

    Box 1:FF55

  • McCall, Tom (Governor)

    Box 1:FF55; Box 2:FF33

  • McCandless, Robert C.

    Box 1:FF38,40,51; Box 2:FF33

  • McCormack, John

    Box 1:FF19,22-24,29,36,50; Box 2:FF33

  • McGee, Gale W. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF17

  • McNamara, Pat (Senator)

    Box 2:FF31

  • Menninger, Karl (Dr.)

    Box 2:FF34

  • Metcalf, Lee (Senator)

    Box 1:FF10; Box 2:FF34

  • Miller, Albert

    Box 1:FF19-21,38,47; Box 2:FF34

  • Monroney, A.S. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF13,14; Box 2:FF35

  • Mouras, Belton P.

    Box 1:FF7,19,37,47,50; Box 2:FF35

  • Murray, James E. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF5; Box 2:FF35

  • Musa, Miriam

    Box 1:FF34-36; Box 2:FF35

  • National Advisory Board for Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros

    Box 1:FF30,31,45; Box 3:FF5; Box 4:FF20,21,23,26,27,29,32,35; Box 5:FF4 AVBox 12: cassette no. 2-7, 9-18, 25-31, 38 (see also: Cook, C. Wayne)

  • National Geographic

    Box 1:FF22,24; Box 2:FF36; Box 7: Scrapbook 4,5

  • National Horse Protection Association

  • National Mustang Association

    Box 1:FF7,8,11,19,20,22-24,46-49; Box 2:FF34 (see Miller, Albert); Box 2:FF37,39 (see Paulk, H.C.); Box 4:FF7,11-13,15-18,25,29; Box 6:FF18,20; Box 8: Scrapbook 3; Box 9: Scrapbook 6,7 see also: Clutts, Walter

  • National Wild Horse Association

    Box 2:FF18; Box 4:FF17,20 (see also: Clutts, Walter)

  • National Wildlife Federation

    Box 1:FF10; Box 2:FF30 (see Kimball, Thomas); Box 4:FF24

  • Navy, Department of

    Box 1:FF44, 50; Box 2:FF2 (see Barling, Tilly); Box 4:FF33; Box 5:FF4

  • Neuberger, Richard E. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF6,55; Box 2:FF36

  • Nixon, Richard

    Box 1:FF27

  • Obert, Mickey

    Box 1:FF25; Box 2:FF38

  • O'Brien, Robert

    Box 1:FF1,2; Box 2:FF38

  • O'Callaghan, Mike (Governor)

    Box 1:FF33,45,52,55; Box 2:FF38

  • Ostertag, Harold C.

    Box 2:FF40 (see Reichel, Carl)

  • Parks, Charlotte

    Box 1:FF13,14; Box 2:FF39

  • Payne, Aileen W.

    Box 1:FF21,22,28,32,49; Box 2:FF39

  • Pellegrini, Steven

    Box 1:FF13,47; Box 2:FF39; Box 4:FF14

  • Peoples Lobby, Inc.

    Box 1:FF4; Box 2:FF1 (see Avant, Emory S.)

  • Pirnie, Alexander

    Box 1:FF56

  • Polk, James G.

    Box 1:FF56

  • Pontrelli, Michael J.

    Box 1:FF46,47,49,50; Box 4:FF8,10,15; Box 6:FF15

  • Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Advisory Committee

    Box 1:FF15,16,30; Box 2:FF47 (see Wagner, C.E.); Box 3:FF Folio 1; Box 4:FF5-7,9,10,15; Box 6:FF26,33

  • Raggio, William J.

    Box 1:FF17; Box 2:FF24 (see Faber, William); Box 2:FF40

  • Rampton, Calvin (Governor)

    Box 1:FF56; Box 2:FF40

  • Readers Digest

    Box 1:FF1-3,6; Box 2:FF40; Box 8: Scrapbook 1; Box 9: Scrapbook 5

  • Reagan, Ronald (Governor)

    Box 1:FF56; Box 2:FF40

  • Reilly, Helen and John

    Box 1:FF7,9,10,14,19,22,47,51; Box 2:FF40

  • Riehlman, R. Walter

    Box 1:FF56

  • Ringe, W.H.

    Box 1:FF4-6; Box 2:FF40

  • Robison, Howard W.

    Box 1:FF56

  • Rogers, Edith Nourse

    Box 1:FF56

  • Roudenbush, Jean

    Box 3: Folio 5

  • Ryden, Hope

    Box 1:FF13,15-17,19,21,23,25,33,46; Box 2:FF41; Box 9: Scrapbook 5, 6

  • Saltonstall, Leverett (Senator)

    Box 1:FF56

  • Santini, Jim

    Box 2:FF42

  • Schulz, R.

    Box 1:FF12,19,20; Box 2:FF42; Box 4:FF11

  • Schweiker, Richard S. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF56

  • Scott, Hugh

    Box 1:FF56

  • Seiberling, John F.

    Box 1:FF45

  • Sierra Club

    Box 1:FF44,45; Box 2:FF3 (see Berry, Rex); Box 2:FF5 (see Bunnelle, Hasse); Box 2:FF30 (see Keegan, Bruce)

  • Slocum, Alma and Roger

    Box 1:FF25,26; Box 2:FF43

  • Smathers, George (Senator)

    Box 1:FF56

  • Smith, H. Alexander (Senator)

    Box 1:FF56

  • Smylie, Robert E. (Governor)

    Box 1:FF46

  • Society for Animal Protection

    Box 1:FF5,8,9,11,14,24,30; Box 2:FF44 (see Stevens, Christine)

  • Sottolano, Ann

    Box 1:FF19; Box 2:FF44

  • Spanish-Barb Mustang Breeders Association

    Box 1:FF40; Box 2:FF16

  • Stauffer, William

    Box 1:FF31,32,36,37; Box 2:FF44

  • Stern, Der

    Box 1:FF6; Box 2:FF44

  • Stevens, Christine

    Box 1:FF5,8,9,11,14,24,30,47; Box 2:FF44

  • Sweeney, J. Craig

    Box 2:FF44

  • Symington, Stuart (Senator)

    Box 1:FF56

  • Taber, John

    Box 2:FF42 (see Sanford, J.B.)

  • Thompson, Frank Jr.

    Box 1:FF56

  • Thornberry, Homer

    Box 1:FF56

  • Tillett, Lloyd

    Box 1:FF7,14,23,27; Box 2:FF45; Box 6:FF14; Box 7: Scrapbook 3

  • Time Magazine

    Box 2:FF40 (see Rhinehart, Susan); Box 8: Scrapbook 1; Box 9: Scrapbook 5,6

  • True Magazine

    Box 1:FF1,3,7; Box 2:FF45; Box 7: Scrapbook 1,3,6; Box 7: Scrapbook 2

  • Tunney, John V. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF52; Box 2:FF4 (see Brandon, William)

  • Turcott, George L.

    Box 1:FF15-18,29,31,33,35,37-39,41,42,44,45

  • Twyne, Pearl (aka Billie Twyne)

    Box 1:FF9,12-17,21,23,26,30,32,35,38,40,43,45-48; Box 2:FF45

  • Utter, C.C.

    Box 6:FF15,16

  • Van Zandt, James E.

    Box 2:FF30

  • Virginia Federation of Humane Societies

    Box 2:FF45 (see Twyne, Pearl)

  • Wagner, C.E.

    Box 1:FF14,15,25,27; Box 2:FF47

  • Whitehurst, G. William

    Box 1:FF56; Box 2:FF24 (see Faber, William); Box 2:FF35 (see Musa, Miriam)

  • Williams, Harrison A. (Senator)

    Box 1:FF46

  • Wilmot, Marguerite

    Box 1:FF31,34; Box 2:FF48

  • Wold, John S.

    Box 1:FF17; Box 2:FF49

  • WomenSports

    Box 2:FF32; Box 5:FF6

  • Zaidlicz, Edwin

    Box 1:FF16,18,20,21,23,26-28