Western History Collections

This list is intended to allow direct access to finding aids indexed in the Denver Public Library.

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Abbott Family

Abraham Lincoln Fellows

Adriance, Jacob

Alexander Family

Allen Family

Allison, Archibald

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

American National Red Cross Mile High Chapter

Andersen, Walter M.

Anderson, David Lee

Atchison And Pikes Peak Railroad Company

Arctic Survival Training Camp Papers of David Abbott

Arno, May

Arnold Family, Samuel P.

Arps, Louisa Ward

Austin, Ira

Avery, Edward Woodbridge

Avery-Mead Family

Axtens, S [Stephen] Arthur - Architectural


Baerresen Brothers Architects

Baker, Addison E.

Baker and Franklin Mines

Baker, Nathan A.

Bancroft, Caroline Family

Bancroft, Albert Stokes

Bane, Elisabeth Evans

Barker, Anselm Holcomb

Barnum, P.T. (Phineas Taylor)

Barry, David F.

Barrett, William Edmund

Batterton, Richard Y.

Beebe, Lucius Morris

Begole, George D.

Belvidere-Leadville Mining Company

Benedict, J. B.

Ben Franklin Club

Bent, George

Bermingham, John

Beshoar Family

Bezoff, Ben

Big Five Mining Companies

Bingenheimer, Frank

Biscoe, Maurice B.

Black, Helen Marie

Black Settlements in Colorado

Blair, William C.

Blank, Wade and Molly

Bliss, Eleanor J.

Blue Flag Gold Mining Company

Boal, Theodore

Boettcher and Company

Bollinger, Edward

Bowen, George S.

Bowman/White Family

Boyer Family Genealogy

Bradley, Charles C.

Brink, Harriet and Ella Brink Ausburn

Broadhurst, Henry

Broadway Theatre Scrapbook (Denver, Colo.)

Bromwell, Henrietta

Brown, J. Warren

Brown, Margaret "Molly" Tobin

Brown, Robert Leaman

Bruce Family

Buell, Bela S.

Buell, Temple Hoyne - Architectural

Buerger Brothers

Burr, George Elbert

Burt, William P

Burton, Edgar A.

Byers, William N. and Family


Campbell and Patterson Family

Campbell, Sadie Quigley

Campbell, Thomas P.

Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods

Capitol Life Insurance Company

Carlson, R.H.

Carr, Ralph Lawrence

Casey, Veronica

Cassidy, Ina Sizer and Ward, Bernice Miles

Castle, Marian

Chain O' Mines

Changing Scene Theatre

Charles, John Notebooks

Chase, John

Chase, Robert L.

Children Of The American Revolution - Elizabeth Fletcher Lennon Society

Childress, Cabell Architectural

Chittenden, George B.

Chivington, John M.

Circus Records

City and County of Denver Board of Park Commissioners

City and County of Denver Clerk and Recorder, Marriage License Applications

City and County of Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office Elections Division Records - Restricted

City and County of Denver Valley Highway Project

Civic League of Denver

Clark, Emma

Clarke, Arthur G. and Walter E. Family

Clayton College Records

Clear Creek County

Clear Creek County, Colorado Mining Companies

Clear Creek Placer and Mining Company

Coalition to Save Civic Center Park

Cody, William Frederick / Buffalo Bill

Coffin Family

Collins, George E.

Collins, William Oliver And Family

Colorado Aids Project

Colorado and Southern Railway Company

Colorado Arlberg Club

Colorado Bureau of Mines

Colorado Federation of the Arts

Colorado Library Consortium

Colorado Mining District Laws

Colorado Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Colorado Springs Company

Colorado Symphony Association

Colorado Theater Producers Guild

Colorado White Water Association

Confederate States of America

Connelley, William Elsay

Cooper, Job Adams

Coors International Bicycle Classic

Corliss, Augustus Whittemore

Cranmer, George E.

Crawford, John Wallace

Crowther, Richard L. - Architectural

Currigan, Thomas G.


Dailey, John Lewis

Dallas, Sandra

Dana, John Cotton

Daughters of the American Revolution - Colorado Chapter

Daughters of the American Revolution - Colorado State Society

Daughters of the American Revolution - Denver Chapter

Daughters of the American Revolution - Mount Rosa Chapter

Davenport, O.F.

David Taylor Dance Theatre

Davis, Elmer Orville

Day, C. M.

DeBoer, S. R.

Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company

Denver and Salt Lake Railroad Company

Denver, Aspen and Grand River Railroad Company

Denver Chamber of Commerce

Denver Clinical and Pathological Society

Denver Commission on Community Relations

Denver Fortnightly Club

Denver, James William

Denver Model City Program

Denver, Northwestern And Pacific Railway Company

Denver Organizing Committee for 1976 Winter Olympics

Denver Parks and Recreation Department

Denver Photographic Society

Denver Public Schools

Denver Police Department Intelligence Bureau Files Not Restricted

Denver Press Club

Denver Society Of Civil Engineers

Denver Symphony Orchestra and Association

Department of Colorado and Wyoming, Grand Army of the Republic

Di Benedetto, Angelo

Dickerman, Ezra

Dobbins, Cris

Dodge, David Child

Dodge Family

Dole, Charles Minot

Doyle, Edward Lawrence

Draper, Benjamin

Dugal, Louis

Dunklee Family

Dute, William


East High School

Eberhart, Perry

Edbrooke Frank E. Architectural

Eha, Walter R.

Eight Associates

Ellis, Erl H.

Ellison, Robert Spurrier - Camp, Walter Mason

Equality Colorado

Evans Family

Evans, Governor John

Evans, John, Jr.


Farrar, Frederick

Farrell, Dee

Fealy, Maude

Ferril and Family, Thomas Hornsby

Fewlass, Robert

Field, Eugene

Fiester, Reverend Mark

Finesilver, Judge Sherman G.

Fire Underwriters

Fisher and Fisher Architectural

Flores, Tim

Fogg, Howard

Ford, Lemuel

Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Foster, Dr. Frank A.

Foster, Ernest Le Neve

Fowler, Hugh C.

Francis, Edwin A.

French, Adelaide A.

Frontier Airlines

Frost, Hildreth


Gammon Family

Garden Club Of Denver

Gates Family Foundation

Gentlemen's Driving and Riding Club of Denver

Gilpin County, Colorado Mining Companies

Gilpin County Pioneer Association

Ginn, Wallace M. Family

Gleason, Ida Riner

Goldberg, Robert Allen

Gonzales, Rodolfo "Corky"

Gove and Walsh Architectural

Gove, Aaron E.

Gove, Frank E.

Graham, (Robert) Family

Great Western Railway Company

Green, Charles R. (Charles Ransley)

Gundell, Herbert


Hackworth, Theodore (Ted)

Hale, Irving

Hallewell, Tom

Haney, Hal

Hardon, Alison

Harman, O’donnell and Henninger Associates, inc. (HOH) Architectural

Harman-Price Family

Harrison, Julia T. Theater Scrapbook

Harrison, Louise Collbran

Hassrick, Royal B.

Hendrie Family Papers

Hernandez-Ramos, Florence

Hershey, Laura

Historical Records Survey Colorado

Holman, Cyrus A.

Holme, Barbara

Holmes, Clarence and Fairfax

Hope Mining, Milling and Leasing Company

Horan Mortuary

Hornbein, Victor - Architectural

Hosokawa, Bill

Howland, John Dare

Hoyt, Burnham Architectural

Hoyt, Edwin Palmer

Hudson, Jerome Holman

Hunt, Ambassador Swanee

Hurwitz, Benjamin


J.K. Mullen Foundation Records

Jackson, William S. Family

Jeancon, Jean Allard

John Ericsson League of Denver, Colorado

Johnson, Albert W.

Johnson, Byron L.

Johnson, Henry V.

Johnston, E. Clark

Johnston, Ralph E.

Jones, Edgar H.

Jump, Laurence (Larry) and Arapahoe Basin


Kansas-Burroughs Consolidated Mining Company

King, Carolyn St. Clair

Kirkland, Vance Hall

Kisling, Jack

Kismet Club

Knox, James, D.

Koch, Donald W.

Kopel, Dolores

Kopel, Gerald H.

Kountze Family And Colorado National Bank


Lamb Family

Larimer Family

Latin American Research and Science Association (LARASA)

Lawrence Mining District

Lawson, John R.

Lee, Charles Gordon, Architectural

Leo, Fred

Limerick, Patricia Nelson Literary

Linder, Roland

Lindsey, Judge Benjamin Barr

Liszt School of Music

London Deep Mines Company

Long, Priscilla

Love, John A.

Lowenstein, Henry

Lubchenco, Portia

Lucky Mine

Lyman, Horace Sumner


Mackay, Hugh

MacMillan, Elizabeth

Maiden, Robert R.

Margery Reed Mayo Day Nursery

Marinoff Family

Mary Murphy Gold Mining

Masters, Joseph G.

McAuliffe, Judge Gerald E.

McCloud, Burnis

McFadden, Ellis

McFadden Family

McNichols, William

Meeker, Nathan C.

Melrose, Frances

Metropolitan Football Stadium District

Mile High Housing Association

Milliken, John D.

Moffat Estate Company

Moore, James K.

Moore, Otto O.

Morse, Harley B.

Morse, Stanley E. - Architectural

Muchow, William C., Architectural

Mullen, John K. and Oscar Malo

Mumey, Nollie

Musick, G. Meredith and J. Roger


Neale, Betty Irene

Needle Work Guild of America, Denver Branch

Nevaar, Denver - Sister Who

Nevada United Mines Company

Newton, James Quigg

Newton Jr., Mayor James Quigg

Nicholson, Will F.

Noble, John W.

Northwestern Terminal Railroad Company

Norvell, Ralph G.


O'Bryan, Leonel Ross Anthony (Polly Pry)


Pagett, William Paul

Palange, Anthony

Park People

Parker, Will D. (Billy)

Parsons, Eugene B.

Patrick Family

Peak Family

Pena, Sister Lydia

Perry Family

Perry, Otto C.

Piatt, Emma C

Pierson, John Fred

Potter, Thomas Hale

Pratt/Magee Family

Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center Records

Presidential Ephemera Collection

Puffer, Charles C.


Railroad Company Stock Certificate

Railroad Pass

Randall, Jesse S.

Rankin, Alexander Taylor

Rawls, Eugenia

Reinholt, Oscar H.

Remington, Frederic

Rio Grande Western Railway Company

Rice, Josiah M.

Rich, Helen

Richardson, Charles S.

Rickard, Forbes

Rickard, Richard H.

Rickey, Don

Riedel, H. A.

Ries, Jane Silverstein

Riley, Marilyn Griggs

Rippey, Arthur G.

Rizer, Robert O.

Rocky Mountain Stereo Club

Rocky Mountain Women's Institute

Roeschlaub, Robert S.

Rogers Mortuary

Rooney – Littlefield

Rosen, Beverly

Round Table Club

Rovira, Luis D.

Rowe, George

Rubin, H. Ted

Runnette, Evelyn


Saints And Sinners Community Theater

Salt Lake Theatre Broadside

Sanders, William Calvin

Sandos, Sam

San Juan Railroad Project

San Luis Southern Railway Company

Savery, C. W.

Schlosser, Elizabeth

Schwarz, Theodore E.

Senter Family

Seydel, Karle

Shafroth family

Shores, Cyrus

Sink, Charles S. Architecture

Smith, Eben

Smith, Morgan

Society of Colorado Pioneers

Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists

Soule, Silas S.

Spalding, Bishop Franklin Spencer

Spalding, Bishop John F. and Lavinia

Spalding, Elisabeth

Spanish-American War

Spanish-American War - Colorado Soldiers

Specht, A. R.

Speer, Robert W.

Spring, Agnes Wright

Stanion Family

Stanton Family

Stapleton, Benjamin

Sternberg, Eugene - Architectural

Storycorps Denver

Sullenberger Family

Summit County, Colorado Mining Companies

Su Teatro

Swedish Medical Center

Symes-McMurtry Families


Tabor, Elizabeth "Baby Doe"

Tammen Family

Teller County, Colorado Mining Companies

Teller, Henry Moore

Theater Scrapbook 1871-1901

Theater Scrapbook 1885-1892

Theater Scrapbook 1905-1908

Theater Under Glass

Third Eye Theatre

This Is Denver

Thomas, J. E.

Thompson, James B.

Thornton, Governor Daniel

Town of South Denver and City of Denver Certificates of Survey

Trenton, Patricia Research Papers on Harvey Otis Young

Trinidad Prisoner of War Camp

Tupper Family

Turnbull, Belle


Union Pacific Company

United States WPA - Colorado

University Park Parent Teacher Association and Neighborhood


Vaile Family

Vaile, Joel Frederick

Vaile, William N


Ward, Seth E.

Washington Park Garden Club

Weber, Lenora Mattingly

Webb-Waring Institute

Wednesday Music Party

Welch, J. Robert

Western History Audio Recordings Collection

Whitacre, Roger

White Jr., Edward D. Architectural Records

Wiley, W. H.

Williams, Carl M.

Wohlgemuth, Harry

Wolcott, Edward Oliver

Wolle, Muriel Sibell

Woman's Auxiliary to the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (WAAIME)

Woodward, Richard W.

Wyer, Malcom Glenn


Yancey, Jean

Yore, Clement

Young, Allen

Young, Charles B.

Young, Pearl Research Papers on Octave Chanute, Louis P. Mouillard and Early Aviators